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A small note from the author

Somewhere on the Web, I red a phrase that someone wrote (sorry I don't remember the link, but it was an Alfa Romeo page):

Is your life boring? Tired of driving Mercedes, Volvo and all the Japanese crap?
Buy an Alfa!

Well, there is not much to comment on this phrase. Anyone owning an Alfa understands competely the meaning of it.

This was one of the motives that made me write this page. The time I read this, I was trying to restore my Sprint and I couldn't find anything helpful nowhere. That is I couldn't find any pictures of the original models, no bibliography, nothing that could show me how to make her look more beautiful.

So, after a lot of searching and looking around old magazines and books, I gathered some informations which I put together and I concentrated on this page.

Have a nice tour, and don't forget: Sprinting helps you enjoy your life!