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Sprint Links



After a lot of searching in the WWW, I finally found some sites related to Sprints. Unfortunately there are just a few.

So, go and check them all:


Please report any link about Sprint I don't know or any link that is down!!!

1. A MUST SEE Sprint Site from a real Alfisti GREAT (rating 10 out of 5!!)

2. Alfa Romeo Sprint 1.5

3. Great alfisti since he's racing with his Sprint.

3.Alfa Romeo Sprint Veloce Turbo (!!????!??!?!?!?!).Actually it's a GTV but I don't know why he calls it Sprint Veloce.

4. Grey Sprint Veloce 1.5

5. Sprint QV-85

6. Sprint enthusiast with a sketch showing his idea of the future Sprint. (Well play with the url a little, 'cause this guy is working on it. He used to have another site)

7. Alfa Romeo Sprint 1.5 A very nice page from an Alfisti with the perfect sketch for the future Sprint (my opinion).

8. Alfa Romeo Sprint 1.7 photo (??)

9. An ex-Sprint rider.

10. An Alfaholic!

11. Nice site with a Sprint of course

12. His car

13. Alfa Romeo Alfasud/Sprint (things get a little confused here)


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