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Need Help, Tech Info, Spare parts, Accesories for your Alfa? Have questions which remain unsolved?
Here you can place your Ad for Sprint (or any other Alfa Romeo)   accessories and parts, the Alfa you are selling or wanna buy and anything else regarding Alfa Romeos'.

Fill in the form provided so that everyone else can see what you are looking for, or just take a look at the ads already announced.

Selling (cars, parts, accessories)
Willing to Buy (cars, parts, accessories)
Comments, Questions, etc.





Willing to Buy
1. Miguel Carvalho
    1.5 Sprint QV owner.
    I would like to buy a DRIVERS SEAT in a GOOD condition. GOOD PRICE PAID!

Questions, Help Wanted
1. Jan Plettner
    1.7 Sprint IE (injection with catalyzer) owner.
    Do you have any information, material, brochure or anything about the 1.7 IE (with genuine fitted catalyzer from factory) available?