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Advertisements and Banners

Well, here we are. As you will find out below, on my spare time I decide to make something about Sprint I would love to see and admire, as my own creation . So I decided to make some ads, so that I can print them on iron-on transfers and make my own T-shirts. I think that the results were better than expected. After a few hours of work I managed to have the ads ready (with a little help of my favorite image programs).

Now if you want an ad, you can just e-mail me and I'll send you one without my e-mail address stamped on it. Just a simprl e-mail.
If you also liked my animated banners, you can download the gif picture (you know, right click, Save picture as...., etc.) and put it on you webpage with a link to mine.

[Copy this html code after downloading the banner:
<IMG SRC="banner1.gif" HEIGHT=60 WIDTH=468></A></CENTER>]

Absolut Ads
Smirnoff Ads


You may see these banners somewhere else on te Web, linking to my page  (member of Link Exchange engines you see).