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Alfasud Sprint / Alfa Romeo Sprint Coupe
Model: Alfasud Sprint / Alfa Romeo Sprint 

Year: 1976 - 84 / 1984 - 89

Type 4-seat, 3-door hatchbacks
Wheelbase 1976-79: 2,450mm; 1980-on: 2,455mm

1,380mm (F); 1,350mm (R) 

1,392mm (F); 1,359mm (R)

Between 1976 and 1979
Between 1980 and 1989
Tire sizes 165/70SRx13 Alfasud Sprint; 185/60HRx14 82H Sprint/Veloce (also 185/55HR-340)
Brakes Disc on all four wheels up to 1987, thereafter, disc front/drum rear as on Alfa 33
Suspencion McPherson strut coil spring with anti-roll bar in front, rigid axle, longitudinal tie-rods and coil springs at rear
Engines 1,286cc; 1,350cc; 1,490cc; 1,712cc single ohc per bank
No. of cylinders 4 horizontally opposed
Bore/stroke 80mm x 64mm (1,286) 

80mm x 67,2mm (1,350) 

84mm x 67,2mm (1,490) 

87mm x 72mm (1,712)

Induction Single downdraught twin-choke on Alfasud Sprint; 2 twin-choke downdraught on Alfasud Sprint Veloce, Alfa Romeo Sprint & Sprint Veloce
Ignition Coil and distributor
Power output 



*old moteurs before 1980

76bhp@ 6,000 rpm (1,286cc) 

86bhp@ 6,000 rpm (1,350cc)*; (later 95bhp) 

95bhp@ 5,800 rpm (1,286cc)*; (later 105bhp) 

118bhp@ 5,800 rpm (1,286cc)

Transmission 5-speed transmission in unit with engine, front-wheel drive
Gear ratios 1st 14.59:1; 2nd 8.47:1; 3rd 5.88:1; 4th 4.60:1; 5th 3.82:1; reverse 12.70:1
Versions catalogued Alfasud Sprint, Alfasud Sprint Veloce 1.3, Alfasud Sprint Veloce 1.5, Alfasud Sprint Veloce Plus 1.5, Alfasud Sprint Veloce Saloon, Alfasud Sprint Veloce Trofeo, Alfasud Sprint Quadrifoglio, Alfasud Sprint Green Cloverleaf 1.5, Alfa Romeo Sprint Green Cloverleaf 1.5, Alfa Romeo Sprint 1.7, Alfa Romeo Sprint Veloce 1.7