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Alfa Romeo Sprint (owners & lovers) Club
I know that this may sound a little too optimistic, but the facts are leading the other way. In the last 2 months lots of people traveled through the Alfa Romeo Sprint pages, and, as I can see, everybody wants to do something special and pioneer.
After a lot of thoughts I came up with the idea which was in my head for a long - long time. A Sprint Club with the official Alfa Romeo support. I've contacted Alfa Romeo via e-mail, and soon enough I will tell you where our conversation led.
But, of course I need a little help from you. As you can imagine I cannot form a Club with one person (that is me) only. So please, do me these little favours:

1) Each one of you send me an e-mail (alfasprint& or with you full name and a phone number (if you want) where someone can reach you, and I will get back to you.

2) Pick one of the logos you would like to be the symbol of our Club (include the logo number on the mail you will send me). (You can also submit a logo if you have an idea).

3) Drop me any suggestion you think that may be helpful.

4) You don't like the name? (Well, I don't think so, but just in case). The name of the Club, as my e-friend Andre Klijnstra agrees, should be Alfa Romeo Sprint Club. We can consider any other idea you want to share with us.
The Club will be able to solve any question on any Sprint model, give hints and help on the best tuning of the car, giving away tricks for best driving effort and ability, and so on. Some day we will begin and our annual meetings.

Anyone who wants to be a member of the Club, will receive (after registering) a T-shirt wth the Club logo and his ID No, a cup and some budges / stickers, etc.
We even consider of making Club IDs.

I know that you all will immediately respond to and support my (our) "optimistic" idea, and soon enough we will become the first virtual Alfa Romeo Sprint Club.