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Official Alfa Romeo's Ghost Prints & more

After a lot of searching and messing aound with piles and piles of dusted papers and cupboards, I finally found and collected the official Alfa Romeo ghost prints and brochures (some of the brochures were a gift from my e-friend Andre Klijnstra, and the rest were bought via the Web) about the Sprint models.

Below you'll find the thumbnails, which you can press to se the full size images.

Ghost Prints

Dimensions Visibility Inner Dimensions Isolation Ventilation Manufacturing Details Zinc Parts


Official Brochures

And how about some official Alfa Romeo Sprint QV brochures?
Press the upper frontpage and you'll see the contents of the original brochures.

Note: The above picture is taken from a French brochure, kindfully submitted by -you know who- Andre Klijnstra.