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Publication on Sprint

I tried really hard to find 80's publications aout Sprint models. I assure you it wasn't easy, especially when Alfa Romeo doesn't give enough daat on this car and doesn't llow publications on these models (that's what everybody tells me).
So, after a lot of searching I came up with an archive of magazines with tests or review on Alfa Romeo Sprints (past ald later models).
Look on the list below and get the info that you want.

If anyone knows another magazine or book with Sprint themes, please e-mail, telling me so.



Unfortunately, the only books you can find reffering to Sprint models, are:

1.  "ALFA ROMEO, Spider, Alfasud & Alfetta GT, The Complete Story",
by David G. Styles, ed. Crowood Autoclassics, The Crowwod Press Ltd 1992,
ISBN 1 85223 636 1. 
In these pages, you can find a test and a lot on Sprint history and its morphing from the mid 70's to the late 80's. Very nice one (and the only one).

2.  "ALFA ROMEO Alfasud /Sprint, 1974 to 1988 - 1186cc/1286cc/1350cc/1490cc" 
Does NOT cover the 1.7 litre Sprint models introduced December 1987.
J.M.Haynes & Tim parker, Haynes Publishing Group 1991,
ISBN 1 85010 445 X.  (Order book)
This book is ONLY for restoring and maintenancing your Sprint. It's very helpfull, has a lot of pictures, written in simple language, and you don't have to be a mechanic to understand it and 'perform' the acts described on its pages. VERY HELPFULL for those who want to take care ot their Sprints on their own!

3.  Tutte le Auto Del Mondo (TAM), Quattroruote, 1984.
It's an Italian annualy published catalogue-book with data on ANY car in the world (covering the Special editions from country to country). Covers technical specifications, photo, price, etc. I don't know if you can find this book anywhere.

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I am sure that there are a lot more with tests on Sprint, but these are the ones I have for the time being (Don't forget: anyone with a submission please e-mail me).

1. Magazine: Motor week ending, August 3, 1985, (U.K.),
Article: "Altered imafes (the new Sprint QV 1.5)"
2. Magazine: Motor week ending, January 16, 1988, (U.K.),
Article: "Alfa Romeo Sprint 1.7"

3. Magazine: Autocar w/e, May, 1983, (U.K.),
Article: "Renaissance Beauty (the new Sprint QV 1.5)" (very brief review)

4. Magazine: Autocar w/e, March 24, 1984, (U.K.),
Article: "Alfa Romeo Sprint Cloverleaf"
5. Magazine: Auto Express, April, 1983, (Greece),
Article: "Alfa Romeo Sprint 6C"
Article: "Alfa Romeo Sprint"

6. Magazine: Auto Express, October, 1985, (Greece),
Article: "The fastest cars"
Alfa Romeo Sprint QV 1.5 rated 3/5

7. Magazine: Auto Express, May, 1987, (Greece),
Article: "8 fast cars - comparison test"
The test cars were: Alfa Romeo Sprint QV, Peugeot 205, Opel Kaddet GSi, VW Golf GT, Toyota Starlet, Renault 5 Turbo, Mazdz RX7

8. Magazine: Auto Express, June, 1987, (Greece),
Article: "Alfa 33 1.2 Vs Alfa Romeo Sprint 1.5"
Well you can't compare these 2 cars, but lets say its just a presentation of their features, cons and pros.

9. Magazine: 4 Troxoi (4 Wheels), February, 1977, (Greece), (4 Troxoi Website)
Article: "Alfasud Sprint 1300"

10. Magazine: 4 Troxoi (4 Wheels), June, 1981, (Greece),  (4 Troxoi Website)
Article: "Comparative Test between 1250-1350cm3 cars"
Alfa Romeo Sprint 1.3, took an overall of 9/10.

11. Magazine: 4 Troxoi (4 Wheels), April, 1983, (Greece),  (4 Troxoi Website)
Article: "Alfa Romeo Sprint 1.5 QV"
A nice presentation of the new Sprint

12. Magazine: 4 Troxoi (4 Wheels), October, 1987, (Greece),  (4 Troxoi Website)
Article: "Alfa Romeo Sprint QV"
A very nice presentation of the new Sprint

13. Magazine: Car and Driver, 1996, (Greece),
Article: "Boxer Monumental"

14. Magazine: Sport Auto, October, 1981, (Deutchland),  (Sport Auto Website)
Article: "Alfasud Sprint 1.5 Veloce Vs Fiat X1/9 Vs Talbot Murena"